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Gravity Chopsticks 2.0 (Limited Edition Red)

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Limited Edition Red

Gravity Chopsticks are self-elevating chopsticks designed to keep the eating tips of your chopsticks sanitary without the need for a separate chopstick rest. Gravity Chopsticks allow you and your company to dine in comfort and style.

Note: Wood color and texture varies. No two are exactly alike.

Product Highlights

  • Designed with the ultimate sanitary goal in mind. Rest Gravity Chopsticks on any of their elongated sides and let gravity do all the work.
  • You will not need a separate chopstick rest to keep the eating tips of your chopsticks sanitary, and you will not need a separate rest to prevent the chopsticks from rolling off the table. As soon as you lay Gravity Chopsticks down, the eating tips automatically elevates above the table’s surface.
  • Simple, sleek, clean, yet innovative design. Create an attractive place setting that will suit any style.
  • We only use materials that are food safe. Our chopsticks are treated with a food safe wood finish to protect and enhance the wood.


We believe that quality craftsmanship is a result of dedication, time, effort, and lots of passion for your product. This philosophy is embodied in every pair of Gravity Chopsticks.

With the utmost care and attention, each wood portion of the chopsticks are handcrafted from one piece of solid premium North American Walnut hardwood. Each piece is carefully hand cut, and sanded to achieve an extra fine finish, before being coated with generous layers of food grade mineral oil to help prevent stains, warping and cracking.

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